How long will training take?

On average,  you will need 7-10 days of good weather to get 20-25 flights. It can be physically challenging, as you typically start training at sunrise, and take advantage of the great conditions in the morning. The hours before sunset are also great for flying.  It's an excellent opportunity to get in shape!

How much does a paramotor cost?

Depending on brand, expect to spend $6-9000 for a paramotor.  These are very specialized pieces of hardware made out of aerospace grade materials.  Electric start, clutched prop, and a reserve chute are options that need to be discussed before purchase.

The wing is a very important component that will cost an additional $3-4000 depending on performance level.  There are many options here, and the proper selection must be discussed with your instructor.

How fast does a paramotor fly?

Depending on the performance level of the wing, anywhere from 25-50mph.  Each wing has unique controls which allow some control over the shape of the airfoil.  This gives the pilot flexibility for takeoff, cruise and landing.

Is paramotoring safe?

Of course! Statistics show that paramotor safety is similar to riding a motorcycle.  But the major factor in safety is the mindset of the pilot. With the proper training, you will be able to make the best decisions possible regarding launch sites, weather, and safety.