Kiting your wing is the best way to hone your skills and become a paramotor ninja!
Kiting Demo

We make kiting harnesses for the top schools in the country. Aviator PPG, Lonestar Paramotor, One Up Adventures, Resurgence PPG and others.

Our harness is lightweight and comfortable, which makes it very enjoyable to wear in warm weather or for extended kiting sessions.


“Did some kiting yesterday! Love how simple and lightweight the harnesses are! Thanks!”

Clint S.

“Thanking you again for the awesome kiting harness you sold me...”

Gary J.

Customize your harness!

We can place custom logos or text on the shoulder straps to personalize your harness.

Harnesses include high quality side lock carabiners.

We offer the harness in the standard “medium” size, and also a “large” for those who are over 6 feet tall with long torso.



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